Business & Sales Tax Licenses

According to Ordinance 468 § 5.04.050 and 3.04.050, all businesses selling goods or providing services from business establishments within the boundaries of the Town shall obtain a Business License, and/or a Sales Tax License for those without establishments within the boundaries of the Town of Ault, but still providing services or goods within the Town boundaries, from the Town Clerk within the first thirty days of each calendar year. The licenses will be in force and effective until the thirty first day of December of the year in which it is issued, unless sooner revoked.

If, after such notice, a business has failed to register within thirty days, it shall be in violation of this Ordinance and may be cited and fined in the amount of $10.00 for each month or portion of a month thereafter until registration is completed for each license required.

New Sales Tax Licensing Guidance for 2022

If you are conducting business within the Town but do not have a physical presence (such as contractors, online retailers shipping to a customer with the Town), we no longer require a separate Sales Tax License for the Town. You are only required to maintain your Sales Tax registration and reporting through the State of Colorado.


  • Business License (Fee: $10.00)
  • Sales Tax License (Fee: $10.00)

Applications & Renewals

All applications and renewals are available at

If you choose to file your renewals online, you may go to the above web address and following the instructions provided and either a) if you have filed previously, and thus will receive a renewal postcard, use the verification code for your business, located on the front of your postcard, or contacting Town Hall directly and requesting your invitation, or b) filling out a new application altogether.